Since September 2016 6 of our UK leading contractors recognise the importance of eradicating illegal working on our sites,and support a onetime check standard.

The PpAC system & services has been implemented to stop the circular fraudulent documentation in the industry,  via its different setup programmes contractors can now say they know 100% who is working on their projects. A statement most cannot confirm fully.

Spokesmen’s from one Infrastructure business – We pride ourselves on a number of factors from health and safety continued efforts to evolve to the completion of UKs legacy projects,  we also can now safely say we are free of any illegal working on our sites

PpAC is subject to be a vital part to the industries crackdown to identity fraud. Contractors can now be confident and worry free that there supply chain carry out correct RTW checks and are compliant and committed to the governments legislation. Identity checks is one area of support PpAC is also working with business in connection with modern slavery.

For more information please Contact PpAC: +44(0)20 7971 7778 |

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