It is crucial that each and every site ensures their workforce is legitimate, as illegal workers pose a grave risk to the construction industry as a whole. Not only can the presence of illegal workers pose a health and safety risk on site, but employing workers who are not eligible to work in the U.K. carries hefty penalties.

The example below demonstrates how one site ensures the legitimacy of their workforce by using PpAC (Passport Authentication Check):

  • An electronic/online system is used to check passports and identity cards, similar to that used at airports, which uses facial recognition. This means operatives do not have to produce proof of address documents, which can be difficult for some people.
  • Within 1.5 seconds of the passport photo page being scanned, PpAC detects forgery and securely stores copies of the document.
  • Data is held securely by the company, providing the system and the site does not have access to this information, ensuring another layer of protection for operatives’ data.
  • The use of this system, compared to the previous system which required the manual checking of operatives’ documents, has cut management time required at induction for this process by two thirds and provides a 100% assurance of the legality of the workforce.

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