If you have a robust ID authentication process in place, the chances are that you will detect an illegal worker at some point. At best, you could be dealing with someone that has overstayed their visa, at worst; you may be confronted with a victim of people trafficking.

Regardless of their origin, the discovery of an illegal worker can be a sensitive and potentially volatile situation. It is important to remain calm and deal with it through the proper channels, to ensure that you remain on the correct side of the law.

You can report the discovery to the Home Office online here.

You can also call any of the following numbers to report an immigration crime anonymously.

Immigration Enforcement hotline

0300 123 7000



0800 555111

Fraud hotline

0800 788 887

8am to 8pm, 7 days a week

The Anti-Terrorist hotline


0800 789 321

PpAC is the only ID authentication solution dedicated to the construction industry:

  • It authenticates workers through instant right to work and identity checks
  • It scans for all vulnerabilities, not simply the most common attempts to falsify documents
  • It uses the latest in facial recognition technology to instantly match the person in front of you with the ID provided


For more information, email:


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