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“One Check, One Standard, One Result”

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“One Check, One Standard, One Result”

PpAC is the only company offering a comprehensive and error free identity checking service to the UK Construction Sector. Only by using our services can you be confident in the knowledge that the individuals you engage are who they say they are.

“PpAC, fighting to achieve anti slavery in the UK construction industry


“One Check, One Standard, One Result”

Who are PpAC?

Passport Authentication Check “PpAC” are a new business supplying identity checking services exclusively to the UK Construction Sector. Our clients include pan global, multi-national, national and local business, in fact any company that needs to know who they have engaged, that the individual is who he says he is, and that he has a right to work in the UK.

Why PpAC?
  • PpAC has been formed to meet a pressing need in the sector and since our formation we have been universally welcomed. Taking an individuals passport as the key identity document, we have extended the range of documents we can verify and now includes industry recognised skills cards.
  • Clients utilising our systems and processes can be 100% confident about the identity of every worker we verify. We utilise a Unique device with bio-metric capabilities and its proper use guarantees compliance with existing legislation. The requirement to make and retain copies of the original documents, [which cannot be altered], are dealt with automatically with facsimile copies being added to our ever expanding database. Clients utilising our services will never be subjected to a home office fine, a fact that we are prepared to warrant.
Why authenticate an individual’s identity
  • The Construction Sector is the largest single employment sector in the UK and naturally attracts individuals from across the globe. Construction clients are legally required to verify that individuals have a right to work in the UK and face fines of up to £20,000 per individual for engaging an illegal worker, fines that can only be avoided if it can be demonstrated that the company made the correct ‘right to work’ checks. Without our highly developed software these checks are time consuming, costly and far from fool proof.
  • Right to work is just one important aspect of identity checking. It is a fact that if an individual has lied about his identity then he will also lie about his origins, his skills, his qualifications and perhaps even his criminal record. In an industry which is inherently dangerous and where reputation is everything, clients cannot afford to have any doubt about who they are employing.

The PpAC Process

The PpAC process could not be simpler. Within seconds of the photo page being scanned, the hardware/software;

  • Reads 4600+ IDs, passports, visas and industry skills cards
  • Utilises UV, Infrared and Bio-chip authentication to detect forged documents
  • Scans each document and securely stores all images on our network
  • Immediately identifies forged documents

The results of our scans are instantaneous. There is no need to send documents off, or photocopy and certify paper copies.

The combined security measures identify any elements of the document that fail the relevant tests and you can rest assured that a document that passes our tests is genuine.
There is also a biometric option available that uses facial recognition to identify if the person in front of you is the person on the document. This software deals with facial hair and weight gains and losses and completes the chain of identity checks.

The PpAC system then:

  • Reduces recruitment administration and paper consumption/storage
  • Provides multiple statistics and management information
  • Makes comprehensive PDF reports for HR files
  • Enables extracts of data from scanned ID documents to be taken

The Video Presentation

PpAC partners with a number of organisations who are supportive of our efforts to rid the UK Construction Sector of illegal workers.

PpAC have multiple models of services;

Full System Integration

Consultancy Service

Rental Service

Walk In Centre

Subscription Service

Multi Site Checker

Each business will have a tailored service as there are many elements which differ from company to company. We would like to consult the options and plan the best possible implementation programme. Please contact us directly and be connected to your VA Officer for the best passport check plan and our price guide for the services that you require.

For more information and detail as to the structure of installation please contact us on 020 7971 7778

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